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KYC Compliance. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. ID Verification
Determine if an ID is authentic and belongs to the user.

2. Identity Verification
Ensure the person behind a transaction is who they say they are.

3. Document Verification
Easily scan documents even if folded, creased, or crumpled.

Step 1 - Register an account.

(1) Choose your Nationality. 
(2) Enter your legal name (First Name/Given Name and Last Name/Surname) with Roman alphabet. 
(3) Enter your gender and Date of Birth.
(4) Choose your Country.
(5) Enter City/Town and your Address with Roman alphabet.
(6) Enter Postal/Zip Code (or NA if Not Applicable).
(7) Enter your mobile number.

Please make sure all the information is correct since this cannot be revised once verified.


Step 2 - ID Document Related Photos Upload

The ID card must contain your full legal name, photo, date of birth, issued government/country and expiration date.

Note: The image must be in JPG/JPEG/PNG format, and no larger than 5M.

(1) Picture 1: ID Card Front Page
(2) Picture 2: ID Card Back Page
(3) Picture 3: Selfie of you holding your ID card front page and a paper note. The note must contains our name “MBCoin”, present date and your signature. Please assure your face and all the text in the paper note are clearly visible.


Step 3 - Wait for Confirmation

After submitting your ID documents photos your account will be revised in 48 hour enabling you the limits upgrade up to Level 3.