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Terms and conditions

We offer services in the area of ​​crypto-coins through our website such as buying and selling, advice and training.

As part of our activity, we are committed on maintaining active, secure and fast responding contact platforms (telephone, email and website) in order to satisfy customers quickly and efficiently. We may restrict or deny services if we suspected the customer action is fraudulent. We are neither responsible for the customer use of the cryptocurrencies acquired nor for the origin of the funds that are delivered to him. To do this, MBCoin requires clients to identify themselves through their ID card and the bank account from which the funds originate.

The customer undertakes to:

  1. Verify his ID (KYC)
  2. Deliver Euros only from previous verified bank account.
  3. Assume responsibility for the accuracy of all data transmitted, including personal identification or electronic wallet;

The cost for the service averages between 1 and 2% included in our offer and composed of:

Payment Fee: depending on the payment method and determined by third parties;

Mining Fee: depending on the Blockchain traffic, on the type of Cryptocurrency and  determined by third parties;

Detailed terms can be reviewed after registration, ID verification and before offer acceptance upon contract subscription.