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Privacy Policy

MBCoin is committed to asure the privacy of all the online collected/transmitted personal data. The security and privacy of our users personal data is, for us, the most important aspect.

All of your personal data will be used to make your journey on our website as easy and pleaseant as possible.

All personal data relative to members, clients or visitors of our website will be treated according to legal terms.

Thanks to the SSL (Security Sockets Layer) 128 bits protocol, that protects the transmition of all data to our website, all intel is treated with maximum security.

Website visitors

MBCoin provides relevant info through its website and links to other websites. When a user only visits MBCoin there will be no personal data collected unless the source of the connection (through the ip adress registration).

Users of MBCoin

If a user pretends to aquire a service or product MBCoin will collect personal info such as the user name, e-mail, phone number, adress, birth date, bank account adress, and/or others.

By using MBCoin you are accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy agreement. Our team holds the right to change this Privacy Policy agreement without previous warning. This way we advise you to regularly consult our privacy policy in order to be always up-to-date.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when using our website. This may include a simple popup or a connection to many services we provide, such as forums.

The user holds the power to turn his cookies off, on the settings of his browser or making changes on their Anti-Virus tools, such as Norton Internet Security. However, doing so maychange the ways the user interacts with our website or other websites. That may affect or even not allow the user to login to many programs, websites and forums from our platform or other platforms.

Connections to third parties

MBCoin has connections to other sites, which, to our point of view, may contain useful intel/tools to our visitors. Our privacy policy is not applied to third parties, so, if you visit other site coming from ours you should read its privacy policy as well.

We dont hold any responsability over the privacy policy or content of those other websites.