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Information and doubts.

What are cryptocurrencies?
They are a means of payment that uses blockchain technology and encryption to ensure the validity of transactions and the creation of new currency units. The first currency was Bitcoin (BTC). Created in 2009 and since then there have been many crypto-coins especially based on Ethereum (ETC).

Buy Bitcoin in the UK?
You can purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in Portugal like Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), LiteCoin (LTC) or Dash (DASH) among others, through our platform in: Buy.

What is your service?
Through our website you can quickly and securely purchase Bitcoins or Moneros. You should go to our online purchase page where an operator will meet you and accompany you during the operation.

Where to buy Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.
Request the cryptocurrency you want online. If available, the purchase process is identical to the Bitcoin or Monero described above.

How is the transaction processed?
Contact the online chat service and it will be hosted by an operator. Indicate the amount, the cryptotocrurrency and what your wallet. Once the price is agreed, you have a period of one hour to send us the proof in case of bank transfer to another bank. In case of bank transfer to the same bank or payment of services just inform the settlement operator. In this case validation occurs immediately. Learn more about the process to buy.

How long does a bank transfer take?
National transfers between different banks, carried out until 3 pm, arrive at the destination on the following business day. In the remaining cases, they are credited on the second working day.

How does payment work with MBWAY?
The new MBWAY system comes to improve innovation and replace the MBNET payment system. MBWAY transfers are immediate. You will have to use the MBWAY application and will be subject to the conditions and limits of this product (adhesion). Once the transfer is done, it is usually confirmed in minutes.

Can I buy through another platform?
We use (ptcoins) for business with new customers who want to win our trust. This system allows to use the so called Escrow in which the transaction is validated by a third party (in this case the system of the site) so that the client sees its amount of criptocurrency retained until the validation in which the seller, in this case we, confirm we received the amount.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of criptocurrency that I can buy or sell?
The values ​​are not fixed. If it is your first transaction consider at least € 100 and maximum € 10,000.

How do I sell Bitcoins, Moneros or other cryptocurrencies?
Contact the online chat service and a specialized operator will indicate your options as well as the current value of the crypto. In case of wanting to sell other cryptocurrencies ask online also because it is evaluated case by case.

Que informações e documentos tenho de fornecer?
Name, telephone and email. In the case of buying, the address of the electronic wallet and in the sale, the IBAN of the bank account. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Can I buy criptocurrency with money in notes?
You can not directly because at the moment we do not accept cash on hand. In this case you will have to deposit the money into our bank account.

Is it possible to sell my cryptocurrency and receive it in banknotes?
Not possible because all payments are made by bank transfer.

I still do not have the wallet, how do I create one?
Contact our service and we will provide this information or if you prefer we will do it for you.

I lost the address of my wallet. Can you help me get it back?
You can not recover your wallet if you have lost it. This is part of crypto-currency security. We recommend that you keep the information in your wallet well. Even from a wallet opened by our services we do not keep any information.

I do not like writing, can I make the transaction over the phone?
Yes, ask the operator to be answered by phone. Leave your phone number that an operator will call you as soon as possible

Privacy policy?
You can consult our privacy policy: here

Terms of Use?
MBCoin is committed to providing its services in the following terms.

About us

We supply cryptocurrencies buy and sell easy, fast and secure to our customers. Our goal is to make the buying and selling process as fast and easy as possible for our clients, without compromising safety. The coins are sent as soon as the payment has been finalized. When selling cryptocurrencies, the money is transferred to the bank account number specified by you, typically within 12 hours (2 business days at most).

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