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E-mail: Aqui
Horário: 07:00 GMT às 22:00 GMT
Telf: +351 308 803 022 (rede local)
Av. Berna, 20, 1E, 1050-010 Lisboa

About us

We supply cryptocurrencies buy and sell easy, fast and secure to our customers. Our goal is to make the buying and selling process as fast and easy as possible for our clients, without compromising safety. The coins are sent as soon as the payment has been finalized. When selling cryptocurrencies, the money is transferred to the bank account number specified by you, typically within 12 hours (2 business days at most).

Contact us
Schedule: 07:00 às 22:00 GMT
Phone: +351 308 803 022 (rede local)
NIF: 514865616

NIB: PT 50 0000000000000000000