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About us

A specialized team at your service.

We are a company that gather crypto traders to market in a simple and safe crypto currencies. We are based and registered in Portugal but now operate all over the Euro zone. Our business is executed through the online channels, telefone and webchat.

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero or Ethereum are a reality, and can coexist within the traditional monetary system. Being its basis radically different, MBCoin was born to aid and bridge the gap between these two worlds. With the increase of our experience we also provide consulting and training services to help companies or individuals with products, solutions and enterprises with blockchain technology.

Our activity is sustained by several partners that help us provide a complete and efficient service for those who intend to acquire or sell cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure way.

Our core activity is sell and buy bitcoin and other coins to Euros using SEPA transfers. Come in and try it.